Communication Theory

Is That A Fish In Your Ear? is a new book about language translation by David Bellos. I recently became aware of this by finding an animation done by Matthew Young to promote the book. Even though the book itself is actually relevant to what we have recently been studying in critical and contextual studies, the actual animation does act as a good reference to the idea of communication theory.

The way that the animation is set up as a piece of motion graphics flows with the idea of the book. It generates the concept of communication following the theory of sociopsychological constitutive. We are shown the words that are being played during the animation. This concept is the basic form of motion graphics, thus the animation is communicating by both the visual and the verbal to express the idea of the book.

The video itself is interesting to watch, as you can start to imagine what the difference would be with just the sound or just  the visuals. I think that due to the nature of the animation, the sound alone communicates better than the visuals, simply because it is a narration of what is going on.


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