Maya, Finishing the model.

I finally have finished my character model, and am moving onto the uv map, skeleton and rig.

I have managed to get a resemblance of the hair for my model, although it looks good smoothed out, I think that it is still not quite right. I really struggled on this part, as I had to separate the faces from the head and make the hair from that amount of vertices etc. This meant that it was fairly difficult to get a clean piece of geometry.  In terms of the whole mesh I definitely think that the hair lets it down, but I suppose it is a learning curve; I need to get used to making difficult models with little poly counts.

Uv mapping is the bane of my life. I’m really not a massive fan of this part of the process, but I do find that when the model is fully mapped that it gives a good sense of achievement. So, I guess I just have to crack on with it. I have taken a fully planar projection approach to start me off, mainly because from my last experience in Second Life with the spherical map of the face, I just was utterly confused! My main method for the map is just to try things out, and see how well or not well they work, this is mainly because I don’t have much experience in uv mapping, so this way I can learn a good approach for the future. This does however mean that I am ignoring some of Matt’s advice, but hey sometimes it is best to learn things from experience, then just taking someones advice.I will also be taking this approach into the actual textures for the UV map, so I am going to start with basic block colours then have a go with a more realistic visual texture and decide from then on.


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