UV Map First Test

I hate UV mapping, it boggles my brain trying to understand how a 2d image wraps around a 3d object; it would be much simpler if you could just paint onto the 3d mesh!

I have made an initial full coloured map based on my earlier attempts at this. There are a few problems with the map, which I am going to try and recitfy on my own before I start pestering Matt again. Hopefully I will learn through trial and error.

This is my map that I coloured in very roughly in Photoshop using block colours, I actually did this before I devised that I was going to stick with using block colours for the whole level, as it was just a test.All in all it look grat, but on closer inspection we start to see some problems.

First off I forgot that I had changed the map, hence why the hair is all sorts of colours! I noticed a flaw in the design, seen as the lines going up the dress should really continue onto the collar of the dress. Also, the collar itself is one solid colour so it needs not be split into two separate halves.

I have a serious issue with the image being blurred, seen in both the screen captures above. After scouting around I have found possibly the reason why, my UV snapshot was 256 by 256, so this has possibly effected the resolution? I had a look on the web and found some good advice on a forum on CGTalk, it said that it is always better to export your image at a higher resolution so that you can scale it down if needed using Photoshop, this way you save yourself having to redo the map all over again.

My final problem is with the map leaking its colour. This occurs not only on the normal mesh but also when it is smoothed. I found out in last fridays crit that this will always happen when you smooth out a mesh after a map is created because the shape of the mesh has changed but the map stays the same. I’m learning as I go but it does seem like I dont get very far with things… Anyways, I am going to approach this problem by redoing the map and seeing what the outcome is, I think especially I need to be in the right mood to do it as last time I really couldn’t be bothered hence why it is so messy!



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