Research for Essay

In this weeks session we were asked to have a think about an area that interests us within our chosen specialist area, this is so that we can continue this into an essay for our final part of this project. I have been looking for research and I am leaving it very open as to what I am looking at, so that I can refine the question down later. Currently I am looking at how a games gameplay effects its narrative. This will have a heavy relation to the concept of hypereality.

So far these are my current research references:

Miller, C, H (2004), Digital Storytelling, Oxford, UK: Elsevier. – This outlines narratives within various digital forms, it goes through all the necessary areas of concentration for a digital story i.e. target audience, success.

Co, P (2006) Level Design For Games, CA:New Riders. – This is an instructional guide on everything that needs to be considered for a game level.

Jones, S, E (2008) The meaning of video games, Oxom: Routledge. – Importance of games within culture, highlights humans relation to games, immersion and sensory involvement.

Ryan, M, L (2001) Narrative as Virtual Reality, Mayland: The John Hopkins University Press. – Also looks at immersion with games, hyperealities.

Castillo and Novak (2008) Game Level Design, New York: Delamr. – How to create effective levels, similar to Level Design For Games.

TedxYouth, (2011) TedxKids@Brussels-Gabe Zichermann-Gamification Available at: [Accessed 25 November 2011] – Outlines idea of gamification, its importance in current society. Also looks at the future of games in modern culture.

I will post more research up as and when I find it.


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