Alone In The Dark V Influence

As a general influence for the environment, I had a glance at the concept work for Alone In The Dark V, in particular the work of artist Pascal Casolari. The relevance of this reference is purely for the visual aspects of the work. Even though all of Casolari’s work is exceptionally awesome, I refined my reference to the images, The Hermite Room, The Secret Room and Room2, all of which were produced in Photoshop.

LINK to Casolari’s website

My main use of these is the general render of the images, they encompass a feeling of awe, yet they aren’t overly complex areas. Really, they are simply some cube coming out of a wall! The images don’t seem this simple though, they are very interesting, mainly due to the high render, and composition. I think that I need to take inspiration from this for my level as I am trying to create a retro futuristic apartment, that will not only need to be made out of simple models but also encompass an of ‘complicated simplicity’. To fully achieve this I need to analyse my work as I go along, thus meaning that i will be able to achieve a level that will sustain my original intentions.


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