Advertisements have long taken hold of the power of pop culture and new media. Wherever we look nowadays we can find some sort of endorsement; take for example the new Flo Rider song, Good Feeling, it begins as a very normal music video and then bam straight out of nowhere he pulls an iPad out of his GYM bag and covers his face with it as it begins to play a video of his face. Now, don’t get me wrong I have nothing against Flo Rider but seriously, what is the point of this?? Why in the first place would he have an iPad in his gym bag? Secondly, why use it to play a video of himself when he could just have the original video? Un-needed things like this irritate me, and now as we advance in technology we are getting advergaming.

Advergaming has popped up into all sorts of places; it is a new type of advertising in which companies use games to promote their products. To be honest before we had a session on it, I hadn’t even considered it, even after years of growing up with CD’s of games in cereal boxes. Now even as I write this post, on my youtube tab I find this:

An advertisment for a game that is an advertising game, bizzarre! The game consists of 3 pieces of film, that ask you to use various combinations of the arrow keys to help the athlete to beat the cold weather. Depending on how well you do in the game, you will be posed with different outcome videos, for instance when you do well the athlete will be happy, when you don’t do so well, they will get angry. This game can be found HERE. In terms of a game, this is a very simple one, but there are others that are fully made games created within programmes like flash. I have found a good example of this, it is a game called Impossible is Nothing, which is an advergame for Addidas, in which you run on some rooftops, jumping from building to building. It is a rather boring game as you just move the character to collect some ‘coins’. It is interesting though, that it was made, I am fairly unaware of these sorts of things, so I find it strange that people would actually play something like this, due to its simplicity. I wonder what it is that brings a person to click the link? Maybe it is simple curiosity.

I am split between whether this is a good movement for the games industry or not, I think that it is good to use games effectively like in the Nike one but the Addidas one isn’t so good. There is not really any need for it, at least the Nike one uses elements of gameplay but stays true to the fact that it is an advertisement. It isn’t trying to trick the consumer, it is simply making an interactive advert.


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