Wierd Creatures

Really random find, that may prove useful. LINK

The site has an article that shows 10 of the world’s weirdest creature finds, most of which are based upon legends. A few of the featured animals were rather interesting to me; these include the Crab-like creatures that look like facehuggers from alien, the eerie monster in Berwick and the Blue hill horror. My reasons for this are:

-Alien facehuggers, this is interesting as it is a really similar match to the designs that Giger created, it kind of makes me think that he used them as some form of influence for his work., who knows?

– The monster in Berwick is a good reference as both Super 8 and Resistance took claims to it, stating that it was a viral marketing claim. In fact the creature does represent a Grim pretty well! I think this is interesting as it shows that within the industry there are companies that either throw fake images out as part of advertising or they simply jump on the band wagon. We will probably never know which is the correct answer, but this does prove that even the big companies take some form of inspiration from the weird yet wonderful natural occurences in life.

-Finally the Blue Hill Horror stands out to me as it has been proven scientifically that it was simply a rare occurence of nature that created this unfamiliar creature. This is interesting as it shows that as human beings we tend to make up stories of how this could be some sort of monster; as in this case the youths that found the animal stated that it chased them so they killed it with rocks. In actuality the animal, which was a sloth, had been decomposing in a river for some time which had created the bloated, hairless appearance of it. I think that this is a good reference for my current idea for the brief as it shows how even nature can make something that looks alien to us, it is all about familiarity with what you know.


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