Filming…Scene 1/2

We began our filming process on Tuesday, doing half a day worth of shooting. The day went smoothly and was a good insight into what actually happens on a real film set. I think when we have previously done a film shoot we were left to our own devices whereas this time we had a lot more guidance, and so it was more professional.

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I enjoyed the day and we managed to get scene 1 and scene 2 shot on location. I think the filming has made me realise that I am steering away from film for my negotiated study. I do like film but I find it difficult to get motivated within it, I just don’t seem to have a passion for this brief.

Even though I was an extra in the film I managed to find out some useful facts from witnessing the others setting up the equipment. These include:

-The boom is a directional sound recorder, this means that it will pick up whatever it is pointed at, this is good as you can eliminate some background noise like the traffic, and pick up to main parts i.e the actors voice. Our only problem within this scene with the boom was that because it was situated overhead facing down it tended to pick up the footsteps quite loud, so every take we had to check the sound levels.

– It is best to white balance the camera to both the natural light and the tungsten light. For this you can utilize a large piece of white light reflector card.


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