A little insight into the industry.

Currently within the games industry development teams usually consist of hundreds of people. This allows the company to get things done in a realistic time constraint; which needs to be done especially with video games as they need to stay on top of the console advancements.

Develop recently published an online article about the amount of people working on the new ResiEvil 6 game, stating that it consisted of over 600 staff, which was Capcom’s biggest ever workforce. Hiroyuki Kobayashi, the person in charge of making sure that the game would be ready by the deadline said that in game world will be much more expanded than in the previous titles, creating a ‘deeper experience’. Possibly these developments are the reasons why we have such a big team working on it. Alongside this, there are also changes to the style of the game, as they are mixing more action into the survival horror genre.

I know this only a short post, but it is an interesting insight into the industry and why and how it expands. It is also interesting to know that within the industry you can be part of such a massive team; this would promote specialism and collaboration as essential skills, so I suppose these are what I need to be working on!


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