What is this magic!

Throughly amazed at this new development in technology. Exocortex Species 1.0 is a new piece of software that has been specially designed to aid studios and artists to save time on designing unique characteristics. It has built-in models that are easy to customise, a rigging system, integrated sculpting and animation tools; all this and it supports Autodesk’s Softimage. Sound good so far? I think the video does it more justice than words can! Take a look:

This is a really amazing piece of software, that will no doubt be very valuable to a lot of people! The only downside that I can see it that you will lose some of the unique features of modeling from scratch. Plus it would be nice just how far you can go with the character design in Exocortex Species, I mean what is the craziest design you can realise in it? Or is it simply designed for basic humanoid characters. These are the limitations that will drag it down.

Exocortex website.


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