Bizarre Marketing

Twisted Metal is a household favourite of SCE, beginning in 1995 the series has offered up seven installments so far. In 4 days time it is the release of the newest installment in the series and to mark this moment there is going to be a rather unusual marketing stunt. February 14th marks the day when people can shoot an automatic machine gun from the comfort of their computer.

Seem a little odd?  Of course not, as the video states, we are all a little twisted! I think this is a brilliant marketing stunt for the new upcoming game, as it follows all that the game is about; reasons:

  • it disregards the rules of game marketing, generally game trailers give you a shot of all the shiny impressive wow factors of the game
  • it follows the theme of the game = DESTRUCTION
  • it brings the games core mechanics a tad closer to reality for the player, I mean you get to shoot at a truck that features in the game in real life.
  • it is pretty radical, unusual but still good old-fashioned fun.



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