Talk from Distant Animation Studio’s

We had the pleasure of a small presentation from two of the members of Distant Animation Studios last week and quite a few good points were brought up. The presentation was mainly about how they started their own company but it did also feature how to get into the animation industry. This is just a concise version of my notes.

  • Best to get as much varied type of work experience as you can, whether placements or just work place visits.
  • Animation specific advice that there isn’t alot of money within just animation, companies need to sell buy products to gain profit.
  • When leaving your degree don’t get worried or disheartened by the fact that companies seem to ignore you; within the industry it is hard to get noticed.
  • If trying to start up your own business seek out as many business support fairs you can, this will find you loads of help and funding.
  • Office space is always good, separates work from home! Plus it is always good to have a place to bring clients to, someplace professional.
  • Kevin McCloud is a musician who free source his work – good if I need any bits and bobs.
  • Broaden your horizons, throw yourself at the industry!


I also noted a few podcasts that I thought I would give a go, as I have gone off the idea of listening to music whilst doing work. Instead of sitting in silence I can give these a go, plus I am going to try out the Playstation podcast that comes to my google reader!

  • Lets make mistakes
  • pixar podcast – fan based
  • Greyscale gorrilla -VFX
  • Spline doctors – pixar
  • Guys with pencils



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