After Effects Practice with Effects Tools

Just had a session in After Effects where we could practice with some basic effects. I decided to utilise the session to help me figure out what is capable in After Effects for the stasis charge sequence.


Started off by using an audio file to create a visual of the audio, this was done using effect-generate-audio waveform. In its basic form I found it quite difficult to imagine how I could possibly use this, but it is a nice effect, it would be useful for a subtle use when the alien screams maybe? If tiny audio waves come out of the mouth, could they look like spit and slime splattering from the force of the scream?

After messing about with the audio wave I manged to get the above, which I actually really like plus it is simple to do! All I did was add a radial blur and a CC light sweep. This started to make me consider using this as part of the stasis charge sequence, where Lauren gets sweeped up into a temporary stasis orb. After a bit of messing around with the values I got this:

This is simply increasing the amount value so that the blur begins to overlap. This effect reminds me of looking straight on at a beam or ray from a sci fi gun! I think if I tone down the opacity level so that Lauren is clear through the waves this could be my answer to the stasis charge problem.

I also had a play with the radio waves tool.

    I liked the effect that the velocity value had on the visuals but currently I have no idea what I would use it for. Without the velocity altered though it is another contender for the stasis charge VFX.

This effect is really easy to do as well, it only really requires messing about with the values until you have something that looks right. I also like this one because it is pulsating from a center point whereas the other one is a full solid colour with random pulsations. I really need to think about how these both would visually fit in with my theme and interior ship before I take any of them further.

The other thing that we did today was using the audio files key points to alter the scale or rotation of an object/shape. This was fairly simple but it used expressions, which I have not come across before. I am not sure where I would utilise this with my current plans for the VFX shots but I may think of something down the line!


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