Intro Sequence Animatic

I have done a quick animatic for the intro sequence that I plan to do. It is fairly simple just using my storyboard as inspiration; although I do plan to add in some quick shots of the interior of the ship alongside the set out shots as seen on my storyboard.

My plan for the intro sequence is to build a set in Maya, this will include an interior cube map that will be the stars and galaxy. The mother ship will then be placed inside this cube so that I can animate it. This means that I will need to create a cube map of space which will be fairly simple to do. Earth can be simply a flat painting on this, although it might be a good idea to have it on an image plain as then it will move slightly as the camera moves to the left!

Inspiration for this style of title sequence has mainly come from the film Alien; as the camera passes over a completely eclipse planet, the letters of the title are revealed slowly.



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