I draw guns!

Kotaku.com has just sourced me with a rather interesting little company that specialises in designing the firearms for video games. Rmory Studios based in southern Germany, mainly designs the guns that feature in video games. This niche in the industry is not often heard of so you can see why I am so intrigued by it. The Rmory website gives an insight to the kind of clients that they have worked for alongside a showcase of their previous work. For me this find has opened my eyes to the reality of what a specialism within the games industry actually means. If a company solely works on perfecting a firearm, it proves that within even smaller companies a person can be very specialised. After looking at the work of Rmory studios I can see that they spend a hell of a lot of time on getting a weapon just right, and not simply visually but also realism. This is a main issue within the media of video games as you are trying to make a person believe in what you are creating, if a gun doesn’t fire in a correct manner there will be someone out there who recognises it. Video games are about trickery, making the player perceive the imagery as reality. This refers back to our last lesson in Critical and Contextual Studies where we looked at how film has progressed from the ideas of magicians and illusions. From this case study of Rmory Studios I can see that the industry is answering the players want for a realistic believable world, which in turn creates the immersion of the player.


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