Uv Mapping Jade’s Alien

As this brief is pretty laid back I have decided to collaborate with a few of my peers so that we can help each other out and get more practice in the areas that we want to get better at. I exchanged the modelling of my interior ship for Jade’s Uv mapping and rigging of her alien. I’m not actually sure why I wanted to do the Uv map as when I think back, I actually hated the process of it! I guess I’m trying to get good at it so that it isn’t as painful to do in the future!

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I am actually quite proud at the moment as the full UV map only took 1 hour 30mins!

The process went smoothly the only issue I had was when the transfer attributes from the left arm to the right arm didn’t quite work out. It moved all the Uvs positions around so I had to do the right arm separately, which was no problem. Another thing to note for the future is that I should get all information before just jumping into someone else work. Things went smoothly because myself and Jade had been communicating through facebook as we were working, which helped a lot as we could ask each other about specific things. In this instance it worked out but when I am doing professional work I need to make sure that I ask all the questions before I start working, otherwise I will be badgering the clients and probably end up doing it wrong and wasting time!

I made a test of the map with basic colours as I didn’t want to have to be redoing it after giving the file back to Jade and everything works fine in it! =) good times! I also did a little annotated version of the Uv map so that Jade knows what each shape is when she comes top texturing it.


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