Spaceship Design

I am not a major fan of sci-fi as a genre and I always seem to have difficulty whenever I try to visualise it creatively. So the beginning of this brief was difficult, I spend a lot of time struggling with the visualisation of the alien and the spaceship. After having a chat with my tutor I pulled together a moodboard to give me some direction for the spaceship design.

I picked up on several areas of these ships to the left that I found the most interesting, or simply found that they fitted with the general concept that I had. The things that stood out to me where the:

  • long extended parts of the spaceships, that gave them the feel of being a larger structure than it is probably inhabitable. A good example of this is the top most right image ont he moodboard. The three prongs come forward giving the ship a looming presence, the sharpness of the prongs insists that they are for some form of attack rather than defense.
  • unusual shapes. I popped the ISA cruiser onto the moodboard to exemplify this. They are a long thin shape but instead of being horizontal they hover vertically over the world. I looked them on the Killzone wiki to find out how they were designed. An interesting factor is that they actually use nuclear-powered beam thrusters to move about, these also act as weapons! What I like about this type of shape is the ever-looming presence of the directional weapons positioned on the prow. The whole ship is pointing towards the ground, exactly were they need to attack. It is a ship intended to attack ground forces, cities etc.
  • finally, the classic circular shape, use many times over the years! This shape is easily recognisable by viewers, but also it gives a sense of centralisation. I think this fits in with my concept, the idea that the spaceship is a sort of hub where humans lived. Human society has always valued the idea of a leader, so the ship should contain some form of central representation. This would refer back to the lesson I had in Critical and contextual studies where we looked at how people have always had some form of leader figure, whether a shaman or nowadays, famous people.

Here are a few of my concepts that I jotted down over the brief:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My designs began looking at the sleek swift element that I wanted to capture. This later moved on to a more large-scale ship, instead of trying to design little one man ships I tried to create a large ship that was almost like a city. I came to the final design as it seemed to capture all the things that I liked from the moodboard. It has a centralised living area, that extends outwards along bridge like structures, I imagine that these areas would be the work sections. These go to an outer ring which is where the lower community would live. The spikes above and below this outer ring act as a barrier for the nuclear weapons that reside above and below the central station, they are made out of a special material that means that no nuclear residue traverses down them to where the people are living. The nuclear power above the central station is what powers the whole ship, acting as an orb of power that surges throughout the ship. Below the central station an elevator travels down to the cannon ray weapon, powered up from the orb above this cannon shoots out a single line beam of nuclear energy that destroys whatever is in its path.

This is my final design sheet for the two spaceship.


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