Alien Model with Textures

Finally I have completed the alien model with my textures! It may not be the prettiest model but hey time is running out and it’ll do! I swear I was much more managed on the previous brief, this one just seems to be happening with no prior thought or consideration! Need to sort this out!

I have abandoned a lot of things that I probably should have spent time on for this, i.e. the topology! I am well aware that it has pretty much no topology or even need for most of the edge loops. Time was ticking on though, this brief has really taught that it is best to work at a constant pace throughout a brief instead of taking weeks off at a time then hoping it will turn out ok!

The texture also isn’t great, the sides still blur quite a lot even after moving the Uv’s around, but moving the UV’s around was made even harder because of all the unnecessary vertices. I guess the lesson learnt is to keep thing simple from the beginning and thus you eliminate any complications further down the line.

Also, another thing that I only realised after texturing is that I totally missed out the stomach hands from the design! My mind really isn’t focussed at the moment! I guess in an odd way, this saves time on the animating.

Next up for the alien is the rig, I am going to keep this simple as time is pushing on.



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