Interior Model

In exchange for rigging and Uv mapping Jade’s alien, she built my interior in Maya. The result is pretty awesome, and she managed to do it through simply verbal descriptions as I was struggling with drawing what I had in my head.

The interior of my ship follows on with the idea of the alien concept that I have been doing. I went along with the ship having once been human, so the design fits in with this, taking on a retro stylised approach to futuristic design. I used a few tricks whilst UV and texturing the interior, these give it a more alien feel, plus saved time for me. Instead of making UV maps for everything I cheated and used the same base colours for several things like the pipes on the ceiling and the holding bay wall. I also took advantage of the translucency of the shaders, this worked on both the holding bay wall and the large pipes that separate the rooms. I especially like the room separator pipes as it allows you to see all the interior and overlapping pipes which makes it look ‘alien’.


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