Shot 3 – AE Work

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Shot 3 is the shot where Lauren gets beamed up to the spaceship. I tried out a laser beam at first but the gave up with that idea as it made her look like she was being killed instead of being beamed up. So I used a simple CC Particle World effect to add in some orbs of de-materialization and teleportation! I wanted to achieve something similar to the original Charlie and the Chocolate factory where the kid gets zapped up into tiny little pixels then rematerialized inside the tv screen. To get this I followed a tutorial on how to disintegrate people using a shatter effect in AE. Instead of it just being a shatter effect on the green screen footage I created a new composition that had a fractal noise effect on a still image of the green screen footage. This allowed me to create a custom shatter map for the effect, which took all the colour information from the combined fractal noise and colorama effects on the shatter map. This gives loads more pieces to the disintegration effect, which looks much better than some of the preset pattern maps for the effect.


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