Finally I have an intro sequence…sort of!

Been cracking on with my intro sequence today, it isn’t the best of things but hey times a pressing!

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I used Maya to create the main body of the intro sequence for Invasion, I just need to take it into After Effects and put on some text, and stars whizzing past and what not. I utilised subtle camera movement to give it a panning effect; alongside the ship moving past it looks really alright! My main issue is the fact that the ship is only a low poly model. I was aiming to keep my models low polys so that they would be easily transferable to a game environment as this is what I want to do. Sadly as the ship only is 980 faces it looks really blocky on the intro sequence. If I had more time I would have rectified this by using smooth linearly then popping an edited UV map onto it.

I put in a few tweaks like the fact that the earth actual rotates to give it a more realistic approach. I also messed around with the lights until I found one that gave the required effect. At first I was using a point light that lit everything equally; this didn’t give it the ‘space’ effect so I used a spot light instead. By turning up the penumbra angle and turning down the cone angle it gives a nice drop off of light. This then lights the ship from a single side due to placement and angle. As it is a spot light it means that when the camera pans up it comes from pure blackness to a lit scene. I like this transition as I think it reflects the empty black space setting. Much like the Alien title sequences did.


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