Branit FX Company, Kansas

I first came across Branit FX a while ago when I used one of their films (World Builder) as a piece of research in my first year. So naturally as we are doing a VFX brief I decided to have a look at them again.

Showreel 2010:

Branit FX are a visual effects company run by Bruce Branit, a successful filmmaker with a strong background in CG. Banit is well-known for his work on Star Trek television series plus the companies several short films including World Builder. The company was founded in 2004 by Branit in his town of Kansas. They have worked on a fair amount of mainstream tv series like Lost and Fringe to name a few so they are a pretty well-known company.

I found their showreel quite interesting, I thought it was a very well presented package that was professional but also had a lovely playfulness to it aswell; almost like they weren’t being too overconfident and pushy, they lett he work speak for itself! I always will love the short film World Builder as it is a really nice little short, but the rest of their work is equally impressive for such a small company. I think this is something that I should consider as I have done a one minute film pretty much in its entirety on my own, and I have struggled but these guys who are experienced in their trade can create a short film with a small team. I suppose this is where compatibility comes into play aswell.

The most useful thing I have found from BranitFX are their shot breakdowns from Pioneer short film.

Mainly because they show how much went into a 20 second shot, I mean especially where it shows you all the layers that they had with all the little touches that made it believable to the viewer. I guess this is what it is all about, making the viewer believe what you are showing them.


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