UFC Open Show

Found on Stash 90, this VFX sequence packs a lot of shattering floors and ceilings. It isn’t necessarily to my taste, but I do think that the VFX are lovely, they add that over the top approach to the fight. One guy even breaks the floor by simply using it to help him stand up!

The visual effects were handled by the company Digital Domain. This is a statement from the Director about the vfx team’s work: “Once an animation was locked, the Digital Domain team tracked and animated 3D digital human models, lining them up precisely with the fighters’ motion, to enable the simulation of real-world lighting and seamless matching of the fighters into CG environments. Digital Domain employed a team of 20 artists to complete the project in ten weeks.”. A team of just 20 artists in ten weeks produced this lovely sequence. In retrospect of my own vfx sequence I feel like I am on par really as it took me around half the time to do my vfx and finishing touches for my post-production work and I was working by myself! Although mine is nowhere as high a level as their finished piece but I do see mine as a sort of test piece that I can continue onwards into the future(After the deadline of course)!


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