Shot 7 AE Work

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I have made a couple of changes to the playing order of my shots, instead of having two separate shots of the Alien I’m going to animate the camera to go behind the head of the alien then comp Lauren in!. This shot will go straight to the close up where Lauren looks up at the Alien as it gets closer. The reason for this is primarily because I am running out of time but also because I never was interested in animation so the less of it I need to do the better!

So far I have animated my alien in maya, this will be taken into after effects to comp Lauren into the shot. I rendered out the animation as a .jpeg image sequence that I could take into AE, using the maya software settings I made sure that I had the raytracing settings on alongside the right frames to render etc.

The animation has come out quite well, it looks better accompanied with the camera movement though; this makes the alien look more offensive and in your face so to speak. I like the relation that this camera movement adds to the overall experience of this shot, the viewer starts by seeing the alien through Laurens eyes then zooms over towards the impending threat itself. Then as the camera pans round to the back of the alien you get a sense of spacial value between Lauren and the alien, this gives the viewer a belief that these two creatures are within the same space, as this is the first time they are witnessed in the same shot. With all the added effects on the video footage of Lauren I have been able to create a reality within this scene that will make the viewer believe it is real. I think this is what I found so difficult about compositing, as you need to take into account a lot of information that makes the shot believable. For instance the camera height and angle from the actual shoot so that you can match it to the virtual one within maya. All these things I didn’t really consider, I just matched things up by eye, which is possibly my downfall on this brief.


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