Spyro is from our universe?

Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure is a video game and toy brand released in Autumn 2011, in which a player is the ‘portal master’ of up to 30 characters. The game is promoted on the fact that it is encompassing the idea that character action figure’s can be ‘activated’ to become alive in the game world. It boasts the promotional statement: “Frozen in our world. Alive in theirs.”, I think the statement says it all, you buy an action figure which then allows you to activate the character within the game and play as them, probably unlocking some special powers etc.

The concept of this is simple, but it is a really good one. It not only increases sales through the purchase of the action figures but also the simple fact that it is extending the reality into our world. Just the statement, “Frozen in our world.” makes the player think that these characters exist, it breaks down the barrier between reality and fiction. This especially works well as the target audience is children, who are much more susceptible to believing that these high fantasy world can and do exist within reality; this is due to them being more accepting in their imagination.

The basic concept created in this game, has allowed for an easy way to create a transmedia idea. It has expanded to not only be a bout the characters but also items, locations and even magic abilities that all need to be activated through the portal of power. In its essence this is simply a money-making idea, the company has combined two things that kids are interested in, collectables and the cross-over of fiction and reality. They have made it so that the game doesn’t work within the action figures thus making the players buy into the merchandise.


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