China Anyone?

It seems that game development in China is starting to come out of its ‘domestic roots’ and become a more available product. There are of course many attractions for a game developer going to China as the leading companies are out there; EA, Zynga and Ubisoft. The general feeling coming from article found on Kotaku, Develop and Edge state that the new game dev scene in China is smaller foreign studios are springing up to make games that can be played all over the world. The drive for these studios is a mixture of China’s long history as an outsource for art, cheap labour and a cheap cost of living.

For any aspiring game designer these are a few intriguing aspects especially since game dev is so popular within China. What really stuck out to me though was the key differences from the Western game dev scene. Things like: instead of parading your work out to a large group of people during the development process and receiving critical feedback straight up, they have a different approach one that has stemmed from the frre-to-play models developed in Korea. It is where you receive emails about feedback, so that you can still get all the information you need but

“if we use someone’s ideas it gets used and if we don’t no one feels stupid about it.” Christopher M. Pfeiffer the CEO of BW.

For myself I am comfortable with presenting my work, but I think this is a much better way of doing something like this, The only thing that would worry me is the timeframe in which you would receive feedback.

An interesting thought from this has been spurred in my brain. What happens if more triple A title publishers come over to China. Would the cheaper labour bring down the development budget for these games, and would this ultimately bring down the price players pay for them?


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