What it takes to be a storyteller.

I have found an interesting industry insight on what it takes to be a storyteller from the Creative Choices website. I previously noted this website in another post as it has a good bunch of industry information for across the creative industries. There isn’t a great deal of bits about game related design but as I progress into my area of interest I have found a very useful article.

The article charters an insight into Donald Smith’s, the Director of the Scottish Storytelling Center, views on what it is to be a good story-teller. Now this isn’t directly linked to my chosen subject but I do feel that the narrative side of the any thing that I do will always take a prominent role, it is why I struggled with the VFX module and pretty much love my current negotiated study.

Key points from the article are:

Storytellers need to flow with the narrative, they need to be able to listen to feedback and often read the audience to make the narrative engaging. This also applies to the ability to redesign the story until it fits perfectly.

Now I’m not saying that I will become a storyteller after leaving this course, infact I think it is completely the opposite personality traits needed as to what I have. BUT it has opened up a new side to my investigative research into how we make a player engage with a game. This is something that I am looking at for my negotiated study but it is also something that I generally find interesting. The fact that a completely non-associated career has similarities within it is quite interesting. It proves that a story is just a story and it is how it is told that allows the audience to become immersed.


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