Architecture References: Wood

All images and refs are from: Slavid, R, (2005) Wood Architecture: London; Laurence King Publishing.

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Originally this book was chosen to influence the culture and architecture of the Sea Race, but upon further consideration the features within it were much more modern; thus it has become a relevant point of reference for the other races.

Key factors from this book:

  • Sea people take a mixture of water and wood elements to create their housing.
  • One race, most likely the Sea People will use some form of living architecture as seen on page 21 of the book.
  • Sea people houses/ boats act as defensive structures.
  • Page 137, idea for the bubble structure over the capital of the empire. Structure is supported through various pillars and forms as an arch over the world island.
  • A mixture of wood and stone architecture will be applied within the empire, they begin with fully stone structures and after a low supply of the material begin to rebuild and improve with wood.
  • Page 186 shows a good reference for what I intend the central tower of the capital city to look like. It is a mixture of wood and stone, that features a very harsh appearance due to the straight contours of the structure. This style of architecture is what the Empire should be made up of, big skyscraper like buildings that look menacing.
  • Can the Sea People alter their ships/structures? Some form of slits/blinds that can move to allow for archers etc.

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