Basic Backstory

Back story as of 25/04/12

­­Generalisation – one base empire that rules between 1/3 to 2/3 of the world, through the method of creating colonies that will eventually become a single unified force. A strict governmental method is created which gives full control over the people to one collective of leaders. In turn this creates unrest of the civilians, although through the use of the strict regiment of all influences, i.e. control over the media, the government will effectively be able to control the thoughts of people. Thus part of the civilians will defend them and fight for them, whilst the other side start a rebellion. An example of this can be seen during the invasion of Southern America where there was a large difference between the Spanish Conquistadores who came to colonise and the natives of the land; this effectively created a rebellion. The difference between the example of Southern America and the current idea is the time zone. We are looking at a much more advanced race than the ones seen during this time period.


The colonisation of The Americas is a much more valuable reference than originally planned:

This Wikipedia page offers valuable information on the Spanish colonisation of the Americas but also offers links to the other European countries that also colonised the area over different time periods.


Collapse – possible reasons for this are: civil war, war with another country or a mix of the two.

If we go down the route of mass colonisation, then the result of the collapse will be similar to decolonisation. Thus the effected areas will seek to become independent of the ruling state. Using The Americas as another example, this was achieved through revolutions in the late 18th and early to mid 19th centuries. These led to both peaceful and violent reconciliations. I suppose this is the initial idea that I had, that not all of the areas under the general rule would necessarily oppose them in such a force that would cause the need for a war.

What would be interesting here is the idea that if there were a number of different leaders, would they have different levels of patience with the people?

Could this possibly result in the difference of collapse over the land, meaning that depending on who was in control of that area would have different effects. Possibly, the first part of the collapse could be in an area where the civilians were fed up with the segregation, and they seek to reclaim the land, it just so happens that the newly stated president of this area is in fact a weak character, whose characteristics fit those of a Trickster. They have come into power through lies and deceit; this means that once the rebellion starts, they have no actual knowledge or ability to inflict the necessary actions to quell it.

A civil war would erupt which due to the lack of battle knowledge the government would fall, this would mean that the rest of the colonies would see this as a victory and inspiration and thus begin to seek their own independence.


This idea could relate to the time specific frame for the brief, this would allow me to explore how the original leader characters have a had a knock-on effect to the narrative characters. Also the way that each area falls would help us to get a better understanding of how the environment would change. The difficult bit of this will be that he environments will need to have three states:


  • Original before generalisation
  • During colonies, what changes do they make to the infrastructure?
  • Post-decolonisation, what do the individual areas improve on and change? Or do they leave it to decay?

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