Development Notes 22/04/12

World Ideas Mind map:

Key Notes:

  • The map needs to allow for both a contained society alongside an outside world.
  • The whys and how they are contained need to be explored.
  • Within the contained society, who knows what is outside the barrier?
  • Islands are a good way to contain society, possibly don’t have means to travel to other islands? Explorers?

Chat: “I’m stuck on this idea of it being a contained area” – Me

Concept so far:

  • 1 race is contained within the barrier, possibly on an island.
  • Mix island idea with exploration or with political idea, they need to have a reason to explore in the first place. How does the empire come about?
  • totalitarian – island with strict government in which the citizen know nothing of the outside world. Possibly when they find out, different characters will act in different ways. Some will be pro-containment and pro-government, whilst others rebel?
  • The reason as to why the government has separated itself and created an island is because it was once a larger empire which has now regressed due to an uprising. The border and barrier were created to protect the main city.


If there is a rebellion how will the architecture and cities survive? Will they be left to rot away and become overgrown? This thought stemmed whilst I was visiting my sisters garden. It was tided out last year in July and had no weeds at all, now it is nearly a year later and it is overgrown! If it only takes a year of neglect to allow weeds to take control, what will happen in the cities?




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