Development Notes – Brainstorming

30/04/12 – collective brainstorming session between Luke and Myself

Main Empire, needs a name! We are working with approximately 100 years time frame; how this will pan out into the games narrative could happen in two different ways. Either we follow something similar to how Dynasty Warriors allow the player to choose a side and then play as multiple characters from that side, or we choose a specific smaller time frame from the overall back story and concept.

WE decided to exclude all forms of gun-powder, this is because it allows for a different more simpler and specific concept. It allows me to give the visual style a unique approach but also makes things simpler overall, as it means that we don’t have any complications of one side being more advanced than the others due to gun powder. The race advancements are going to be solely down to more basic things like sheer power, amount of forces and race specifics i.e. the nomadic race will be much more agile due to them being hunters and have stronger defenses from the base concept that they separated from the mainland and have lost all contact with other races. the lack of gun powder does pose a problem though as it means that I will have to consider other forms of firearms and projectiles.

This brainstorming session has allowed us to figure out a base of the main empire. Following on with initial ideas that they will reside on an island and slowly branch out to create colonies on the surrounding islands and mainland cities. We concluded that we will be going ahead with the idea highlighted in my basic back story that after the collapse and rebellion, the main city of the Empire which is situated on the original island will go into lock down and block itself off from the outside world. My development of this concept has progressed so that I have created a type of bubble in which the citizens of the city reside, none the wiser of the outside world. Above the bubble rises the skyscrapers of the city, in which the higher class of the Empire live, fully knowledgeable of the rest of the world; this is where the key leaders resides, in the tallest tower overlooking the rest of his empire. To figure out how the bubble was formed in the first place we bounced ideas between us:

Me: During the collapse they bring their forces back – retreat tot he main city? Possibly they pit the leaders against themselves.

Luke: The main leader would only bring the leaders back, he would leave the people fighting the resistance/rebellions.


Luke: He would deny all communication. shut up shop, close the gates and leave the colonies fighting.

Me: Isn’t that too much of a threat? 1 colony has fallen so the 3 remaining colonies, if they realise that he has abandoned them, would surely band together and simply wipe out the original city.

Luke: So the exterior leaders need to either remain loyal to him or fear him. So possibly he contacts them and tells them that  they need to defeat the resistance to protect the capital.

Conclusion: The main leader becomes weary as he slowly realises that the mainland he has colonised was part of a much bigger race whose capital is situated at the other side of the Northern mountains. This means he is trying to fight wars on both sides, the colonies are becoming consumed by civil war and he is threatened by the mainland.


Nomadic Race

Wooden houses are structures based on the sea. Ability to move these structures around separately and join them together, i.e. Dynasty Warriors Chi Bi battle. The houses have no doors, a pool in the floor allows access to the exterior through the sea – this is due to the exterior of the ships being fortified, they are used as defenses bases to attack from with range weapons.


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