Research – Fundamentals of Sociology

Notes written from Fundamentals of Sociology by McNeill, P and Townley, C.

Page 89 – Social Order, Social change and Socialisation

Explains that we learn what is acceptable; social order shows that we conform to generally accepted patterns of behavior. This means that we learn what is expected of us in a certain situation. Does this mean that we always have had social order? I suppose this is what a lot of dystopian and apocalyptic stories are based on – What happens when we lose our main form of social order?

“When groups socialised into different cultures (ways of life) have to live together, social order and stability can come under strain simply because members of the group have different values, customs and attitudes.”

This refers to the idea of generalisation, if within the concept the main city starts to colonise other areas, how would this affect the social order. Looking at direct references to the history of different colonies would help with this.

Page 90 – Self and Society

From birth, the individual or self is part of society, as we can’t survive without others.

Society is made up of people and it is only by interacting with other people that a child develops into a full member of society. What would happen if a child was separated – brought up in solitude?

I guess that this is similar to my current back story, a society is completely cut off from the outside world so the only contact that they know are within the containment. The values and rules built up inside the contained area have been bred into the civilians, so that when the city collapses they will have to integrate into a different type of culture.

Individuals learn from others:

“Values concern what is considered good or bad or desirable or undesirable in a society”

To explain this, human life is a prime example; many cultures have practiced ritual killing, in some cases they have undergone cannibalism, whereas in modern society human life is virtually a universal value.

This is the perfect reason as to why and how the island will wipe all knowledge of the outside world to its inhabitants. All they would need to do is take a selection of the citizens and make them believe that they are the only people left, make them believe that they are protected within the bubble as the rest of the world has fallen into a post-apocalyptic state. Gradually these ideas and values would spread through the citizens as they would conform.

Primary socialisation refers to early socialisation with family as well as later relationships that are intimate.

Secondary socialisation refers to the influence of more impersonal organisations, such as schools, places of work and the media.

Commonsense tells us that order is necessary for society to exist. There are few societies which are completely orderly.


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