Sorting it all out

I have been having a few doubts lately about the project and I feel as if I am trundling long with no real direction. So, I had an in-depth chat with my tutor about were I was up to so far and what needed to come next. The notes above outline what we talked about.

After the chat I have realised that I need to figure out a structure for what I am producing, if I am making a game design document what parts of the overall product am I focusing on? and Why? Another interesting thing that came out of the chat was that I had so far been consumed in the overall picture of the world and instead I should have been focusing on a specific set of people and events. (This is what spurred me on to think about creating a specific level environment that allowed me to explore different character classes.) Also, the theory side of things needs to play a small role but not take up too much time from the design process.

From this I have created a little to-do list that once completed I can begin work on the visual side of the project.


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