Feedback from Final Crit

On Friday we had our final crit presentations, for mine I did a basic power point that gave a brief overview of the world but mainly focused on the development of the 6 character classes. I received some valuable feedback on my work that highlighted that I needed to produce some more conceptual work to bring the world to life. I am glad that I have this final week to work on this as I can see why it is needed. Without the visual narrative the story is simply a story, it exists on paper in text form, but it is to be produced as a game. Visual are a much better way to present the game as well as them giving an insight into the world.

In the book How To Draw and Paint Science Fiction Art by Geoff Taylor has a very useful chapter on this subject. Visual Narrative explains how visual artwork works side by side the literature where the image could stand alone without the text. It goes on to explain how you should think of the images as different shot compositions within a film context I.e. establishing shots are used to set the scene. I think that I have been trying to encompass these ideas within my action shots of the characters, but as pointed out within the crit you need to have some reference to the environment to allow the viewer to become lost in the world. Without the environment certain key parts of the world are lost like the physics etc. I guess all I need to do now is crack on with the concept art!


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