Dev Notes: Creating a Rebellion

This post is just an insight into a part of the story that both myself and Luke did not need to consider but we found ourselves getting obsessed with anyway! In the future with a brief like this I really need to outline exactly what parts I will be focussing on, so as to not get sidetracked.


So both Luke and myself had been considering the rebellion and its forces, ideals and general ways of life throughout this project. After I completed the Key plot elements piece of writing we both felt that there was one thing missing from the story. It was in fact the birth of the rebellion! We had both touched upon it in our work, stating that the citizens felt repressed due to the Empire’s overwhelming control, but we had never actually decided what happened!

So we had a chat about our ideals so far, and it turns out that we both had pretty much the same thing! I drew up a quick sketch of both of our ideas:



As you can see they both follow the same structure. The empire invades and has control over an area, then that area begins a civil war in which the leader of the rebellion is found.

I don’t think that we will need to go into much detail about this just yet either as in the key plot elements i outlined that the foundations of the rebellion are in the in-game narrative. Thus this civil war battle will probably become the one where the player decides what side they would like to help out!


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