Game Design Document Pitch REVISED EDITION

Above is the revised edition of the game design document, this is the finished version that will feature in the book.

The purpose of a one-sheet in the industry is so that all the people involved in the development of a game can use it as a guiding vision throughout the production. Usually after being commissioned by a publisher, the developers will have to create the game design document that acts as an attachment to the contract. Making sure that the agreement between the publisher and the developer adheres at all times to the game design document.

I outlined in previous posts which parts of the full GDD to include in my work for this brief and considering my initial outset I think I have done quite well. Of course my GDD is not up to the amount of detail that would need to be in an industry level one but this is only due to my focus on one level within the game.

I have revised my original GDD on feedback from Luke. A lot of the comments he made were simply about grammar and punctuation. A few points were about my ability to get across my true vision, which after consideration I understand what he meant. I think I got caught up in the text and didn’t communicate effectively what actually happens within the game, probably missing key points out simply because I know they happen because I invented them. An interesting point that he made was about the tense of the piece of writing. Due to us still being in the early stages of the whole game development, he believed we should write the GDD like a vision for the game, almost like a pitch for it, so we would say things like “the game would be…”. I had written the actual document as if it was a finalised product, with no consideration to if’s and maybe’s. I’m not entirely sure what would have been the better way to phrase it but due to it being in the book which is meant to give people a general overview of the concept then we agreed to keep it in my tense. Mainly because it makes the game sound like it is set in stone, instead of it still being still in the early development stages.

Another change to the game design document is that collectively we decided to take out the final part of it, which is the Story setting section. The reason for this is because this section is meant to give a basic overview of all the story aspects of the game, but because both of us have gone into greater detail about them in other sections, it just didn’t fit right. Instead we are simply going to have the sections in the final book as separate pieces like the back story, key plot elements and the narrative description for the Battle for the Wall of Kastor.

Another good thing that came out of this chat was the forming of the Rebellion, as we both have been mainly focussing on the Empire, we managed to sit down and compare our current thoughts on how the Rebellion had been formed. I will blog this up into a nother post!

Also, Luke mentioned that he liked the key plot elements that had specific names like The Traitor. I also like this idea as it reminds me of trophies in games like Fallout, where it will pop up saying something like Last Hope of Humanity. I think it is something that will need to be considered but probably not at this stage in time.

Over and Out!


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