I am my way through completing my final to do list for this brief. I feel it is going well but the realisation of the actual amount of work I set out to do on this project has dawned on me. There are a lot of things that i would have liked to have done but have simply run out of time!

One of the most interesting parts I have done in this brief was the key plot elements, were I went into detail about how the game would flow as a story. I especially enjoyed going into detail about the Battle for the Wall of Kastor, and found that possibly next year I would like to continue doing more descriptive narrative writing for game levels. Sadly though I do not have enough time left to go into detail about the actual structure of the battle for the Wall. This is kind of annoying as it is the part of the project that i found most interesting. I have outlined in base form the types of enemies, the boss battle including what they would use as special attacks etc, the structure of the land, and even a map. I do want to continue this on after this deadline as it is what I find interesting.

Another area that I haven’t had time to explore is script writing. I have used it in the past to help myself get a feel of how the characters would portray themselves in certain situations but sadly I didn’t have much time to develop it.


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