Real-Time Strategy Games

Strategy has become a more important factor in the current concept’s structure and genre. The more I revise the battles and character classes , the more it becomes clear that I need to find a way to invoke strategy into the core gameplay. The use of strategy will be what decides how the battle goes, as this game isn’t necessarily a typical ‘hero’ game. It is more focused to being a realistic hero, someone who follows the path of the hero but isn’t necessarily involved in all the drama and action of typical heros’.  This typical hero is used alot in games as the protagonist; the archetype is that of someone who follows a path that brings the greater good, saves the day and tends to get the girl. Our protagonist follows a similar path to bring peace to the conflict but less of the focus in this is on one singular person and more on the force as a whole.

Games that use this type of gameplay are: Civilisation, Age of Empires and Total War.


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