Promoting Designs

I am currently looking into joining a merchandise site, like Society6 and Threadless. In which I should be able to attune my visual designs plus hopefully get some promotion out of it as well as some money!!

Generally from the offset the sites aren’t exactly tempting in terms of the money side of things, it is around about 10% average of the earnings that the designer gets. Although this isn’t that rewarding unless you make an amazing design and sell loads. There are still some benefits in joining a site like this. One being the subtle fact that you are designing for an audience, it is a commercial site that requires a professional and competition attitude. I think this is something I need to begin doing as it will allow me to attune design for a specific audience. Another key positive is that some of these sites feature competition briefs like Threadless, where you are asked to design something that fits within a theme etc. To be fair even if my design isn’t chosen it would be good to get some experience in competitions. Plus some general promotion!


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