Writers Guild

The Writers Guild of Great Britain is an organisation/union that offers support and advice to professional writers. If I was going to pursue this aspect of my professional work it would be worthwhile looking into investing into a subscription.

The benefits from the subscription include:

-contract vetting

-support from trade union

-pension scheme

-register name and credits on Find a Writer listing

– free magazine


One of the more beneficial parts of joining this would be the contacts that it would create. The WGGB is part of an international writers guild that allows contact to a much broader scope in terms of the contacts you could make.

Another key area is the notification of events and even discounted tickets etc. The site offers up a wide variety of event information, that may or may not be of some interest. In fact there is currently a rather interesting event on the site, it is called Press To Play. This is a lecture/meeting as part of WGGB Merseyside, which feature two key speakers explaining how the video game writer works in the current industry. A lot of other events seem to be discounted for members of the guild.

The subscription fee for joining is equal to 1.2% of earnings from writing. This doesn’t seem like a lot to say all the benefits you get.

Really the relevance of this association depends on which way my professional practice goes over the next month, but if I do persist with the writing side, then this is a must.


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