The Eagleman Stag

The Eagleman Stag is a 9 minute stop motion animation, by Mikey Please, that received a BAFTA in 2011. It depicts a mans life story which he narrates to the audience. It is a beautiful short film that is fully monochrome, and holds a good message at its heart.

The relevance of The Eagleman Stag is due to its depiction of the characters story. We meet him whilst he is in his mother’s womb, and he takes us through several key moments in his life up until dies and beyond. The method of storytelling is through the characters narration which gives the viewer a belief that these are his thoughts and feelings mingled in with his memories. It depicts a distorted view of his childhood due to this narration. The sentences are often broken up with different aspects that gives the feeling that he is remembering these facts. To the viewer this appears as if he is actually talking to them and telling his story, instead of it being concise and ‘scripted’.

I think this narration method adds to the understanding of the characters perception of his life. the underlying theme of this animation is about how he perceives time over his life. As we become more aware of the type of character he is we can start to appreciate his thoughts more, and ultimately realise why he begins taking desperate measures.

Not only does this animation offer a way of how a child would appear through the narration of his older self, which is a key part of my brief, but it also shows how the mental state develops. As my concept focuses on the protagonist having an internal battle for the control over his mind, the narration method of storytelling shown in The Eagleman Stag is really useful for reference.

The only bad aspect of the stop-motion animation is that it doesn’t fully depict the actual character of Peter, the protagonist. This is down to the fact that it is driven by the script, which is particularly witty. This is something that I need to contemplate when considering my script for the protagonist because I need the player to feel attached to the character. Due to its medium of a video game, the protagonist needs to connect to the player, they need to make them want to play as them! I don’t want the script to alienate the player.

The Eagleman Stag website


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