R&D Presentation

Once again I found that I had to steel myself to stand up and present my Research and Development portfolio thus far. I managed to shakily make my through the presentation and luckily I had the support of two of my peers, Mary and Jade.

We had decided to present as a team as we are all collaborating on individual briefs. This was mentioned in the feedback where we were notified that the statement of intent needed to clearly represent exactly what we were doing for each other. Personally I need to discuss a bit more with Jade to understand exactly how much she would like to do for my project. I think that if she just did the character design sheets and turnarounds, then she could use it to animate from and I could develop it into the narrative storyboards etc.

On Mary’s brief I have already had a chat with her and I know exactly what she wants from me. It is to help with the development of a scenario in which she could animate her character. So, I will approach this by looking at a series of events leading up to an interesting scenario. I am a little unsure whether or not to include this in my Indie practice brief, as it isn’t directly linked to my conceptual work.

Overall the presentation was good and not much critical feedback was given so I guess it is all systems go, just need to crack on.


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