Primary Research

To begin my primary research for the environments, I decided on a couple of easy access places that I could travel to during reading week. My shortlist of places:

  • Lotherton Hall – Woodland, House
  • Temple Newsam – House, Gardens, Lake, Woodland
  • Kirkstall Abbey – Ruins, Grounds, Museum
  • High Royds – Asylum, Architecture, Facilities, Deterioration
  • Stanley Royd Hospital Museum and Chapel – Insight into artefacts that have been preserved from Stanley Royd Asylum.

Currently I think that I should choose Temple Newsam over Lotherton Hall, as it offers more references in one place.

Kirkstall Abbey is a good option as it has the ruins of the abbey, but I need to decipher how relevant ruins actually are; so far I have no use for them.

Both the Asylums are good references, a visit to the Stanley Royd Museum is a must, and I know that access to High Royds is available if you ask the right person. As we are now in the winter months, I’m not positive if it would be the best idea to go get some photos at the abandoned building, plus the whole idea of going there is creeping me out already. I may try to source some photos off of someone who has been before instead of going myself. Plus there is an abundance of reference material on the internet, even some useful video interviews with previous patients.


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