A tad random…


This post is a bit random but it has some relevance.

I found this rather interesting little piece of art work on computer arts online. It is an installation and book by Christian Schmeer, called Do Not Look Inside.

One of the things that drew me to it was the use of negative suggestion to invoke a sense of intrigue within the viewer. This to me is quite interesting, especially if you apply it to game design.

Say for instance you tell the player not to do something they will automatically want to do it, unless they are the type of person that analyses it and thinks that it will be a trap. I know that what Schmeer has produced isn’t necessarily dealing with the same type of design as myself but it is all revolving around interactivity and suggestive thought. This notion of negative suggestion could be a way to confuse the player into what is actually the intended outcome. Telling somebody not to do something inspires intrigue and intrigue creates obsession. This is a theme that I need to consider for my concept, and pretty much my practice in general.


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