Character creation – Parker, protagonist

“Characters need to be created with the needs of the narrative in mind.” – Chris Bateman.
When creating my character of Parker, I constantly kept in mind the fact that he was our protagonist and such he needed to be a character that the player would want to inhabit throughout the story. To achieve this I refined Parker’s character so that he would be more accessible and interesting to a wider audience. This happened after I had developed my first draft of his character sheet. In which I outlined some elements of his character. The main feedback that I received about him, was the occupation, background and his persona. I received feedback on these after handing out the character sheet to a mixture of people that I work with. Some of the participants are affluent gamers and some detest the subject so I managed to get a wide degree of feedback. Plus the age range within the group spans 40 years. Generally the main issues with Parker were his general persona, the fact that he is a rich, handsome business man that has very nationalist views. This degree of his personality had put off the majority of the viewers as they found that they couldn’t relate to him. To combat this, I altered the character sheet so that Parker was more of an average Joe, instead of being a super hero style of character. This allowed me to develop his character to fit with the protagonist in the horror genre. In this genre we see a protagonist that has some faults that they need to overcome to achieve a positive outcome in the story. Although I kept his occupation and sense of morality as it helped push the type of guy he was, I added in a lot of friendlier aspects to him. I.e the dependency on his family, his discontent at work and general dislike at the spending habits of the rich. He knows he is from a rich background and he has maintained his business formal occupation to appease his father but at the same time he does not believe that wealth is superior.
Another aspect of Parker that is quite important is the flaws in his personality. Without these it would not have been believable for him to repress his childhood and live out the events of the narrative. So, in a way he needed to be portrayed as unstable and unhappy yet at the same time have some strong personality aspects so that the player believes that it is possible for him to overcome his demons and suceed as this is what we strive for within a game.


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