Game Analysis: F.E.A.R.

F.E.A.R. is a psychological horror game series best known for it child antagonist Alma Wade. Here are my key notes: Game Analysis F.E.A.R

One of the main things that has informed me from looking at F.E.A.R. is how to pace the narrative. For instance the first game features a twist in which the primary threat turns out to be a family relation to the player character. The method of storytelling within F.E.A.R. looks very similar to that of Bioshock, in which the player is given little or no information at the start and then is dripped a little at a time. I think this method maintains interest in the story and keeps the player guessing.

The video below sums up pretty much how the scare tactics within F.E.A.R. work. Something that I find interesting is the use of combat-less enemies and projections. These are the enemies that appear briefly but require no weapon use from the player character; or even the player characters weapons are often useless against these. The idea for this type of enemy is to infect the player with the idea that even though they have the upper hand as they have a weapon, that not everything is affected by weaponry. It adds the aspect of caution to the player as they are aware that they are not invisible or in fact immortal.


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