Narration Research
The above link is a website that I found that started my research into narration. It offers up a useful insight into the various sections that need to be considered when constructing any form of narrative.

Form this I continued on my research with the book, Game Writing: Narrative Skills for Videogames.
Harvard reference: Batman, C, (2007), Game Writing: Narrative Skills for Videogames. Massachusetts, USA; Charles River Media.

Some useful things were found here
to get my narrative development started. One main section being the 3 main parts of game narrative, these are: immersion, reward and identification. If these are the key things to consider then I need a narrative that will incorporate these aspects. Another key theme is the idea of narrative experience, this is how the writer understands that the nature of a videogame allows the player to choose their own path. This experience is also contained by the writer as they strive to guide the player through the game world.
I think that my method so far has been incorporating these aspects subconsciously. Now I think about it the idea of narrative experience within my concept has been informed by my dissertation research in interactive stories. This has added to my development of the game narrative as one of the key parts of the genre of horror is how to invoke a sense of fear into the player. After my research into horror theory I found out that this happened within all moving image media by the use of set script pieces. For example within Dead Space, we see challenges that the player faces falling into this, as you walk upto a door, you see a person stood down the corridor, before you know it they walk away never to be seen again. This type of technique invokes fear because it makes the player question the reality of the game world.
Another key area within the book highlights the idea of narrative and techniques that games use to make the player stay aware of what is required of them. This is done through various ways, one of which is the use of internal monologue. In which the player character will remind themselves of what it is that needs to be done. Considering me narrative arc so far I am interested in utilizing this element of internal monologue and possibly showcasing it in my comic book version of the storyboard’s. This will allow me to fulfill the element of scriptwriting that accompanies the narrative.


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