Asylum Beach Inspiration/Reference


After settling on the beach as the start of my concept for the Asylum level design I looked back over some reference photos that I took during the summer break. I visited Anglesey, which has some really amazing coastlines and beaches. These photographs and even just my memories and jotted down notes of the holiday and its rugged unusual terrain really inspired the development of the coastal start to the level. I utilised the internet as well to refresh my memory on some of the unusual places that I visited one of which was Ynys Llanddwyn. It is an island that houses a very strange lava rock formation and two lighthouses. It is also situated on the coast of the massive forest; Newborough Forest that spans the entire coastline of a white sand beach.


My memory of this place is one of isolation, you are completely separated off from the rest of the world. On one side you have the ocean and on the other you have an intimidating forest. Especially because of the expanse and stretch of the beach at Newborough, even as you are walking along it you hardly see anybody else. It is a completely isolated place. This got me thinking about the layout of the beach and the idea that a forest backs on to the beach. If this is the case then as I said before the player only has one of two options, they either run along the coastline hoping to find something or they head inland through the forest. The instigation of the surrounding has already set the player on a certain path to follow, without any need of additional characters showing them the way. Plus the idea of isolation that is found on this particular shoreline is another interesting area to explore as the concept I am dealing with is interested in the horror genre and this feeds off of the idea of isolation.


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