Creative Skillset Website

Creative Skillset website offers up general info, skills, training, industry accredited courses, news, and career advice for a variety of creative industries. Why it is useful to me is that it has a vast amount of info on the Games Industry.

It has an archive of media that offers up useful help and guidance to anyone looking to find a career in the Games industry, it also has a blog that gives up to date news on the progression of the industry.

One of the other things that is useful is that it gives info on industry accredited courses, which although I am near the completion of the Ba here it is always useful looking at a Masters course.

Another interesting find off of this site is this little image:

This shows a percentage of where the games industry is centered in the UK. Yorkshire and the Humber 3% not bad considering I know that gamerepublic which is just for Yorkshire/Northern England has over 30 companies. So the UK isn’t looking bad for game development teams at the moment.

The site also offers up a lengthy job description of Game Designer which I can cross reference with the one I found on Blitz Academy to get a cohesive outlook on what I need to do etc.

It also offers info on how to find a job within Games and where you fit in the bigger picture. So generally this site is a good point of reference for me. As it goes into a lot of detail and explains things clearly as well.


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