Internships in the Creative Industries

Got pointed in the direction of a careers blog on the Gaurdian website that offers up a few useful posts. One of those being the subject of my current post – What graduates need to know about internships in the creative industries.


Key points:

  • outline of what an internship is
  • paid/unpaid internships
  • Bectu’s creative toolkit

“Internships should be enjoyable, particularly if you decide to follow a career for reasons of enjoyment and a genuine desire to work in the arts.”

Overall the blog post gives useful information on the subject of internships.

What are the differences between paid and unpaid internships?

  • Both unpaid and paid internships have advantages and disadvantages. Unpaid internships should be no longer than 4 weeks, with sufficient training from the employer. There should also be flexible hours and cover for travel expenses. It is an opportunity designed to give the participant valuable experience in duties that are relevant and that they are happy to undertake.
  • Paid internships on the other hand, generally are 4 weeks or more, and they involve specific working hours, or specific working duties. The participant should be paid minimum wage at least.

Some useful resources from the blog are:

  • Prospects is a website that has a section that focusses on the different types of work experience. These include internships, work experience, vacation work, part-time and casual work, work shadowing and volunteering.
  • Pay and Work Rights Helpline this offers info on national minimum wage laws.
  • National Minimum Wage this site tells you if you are entitled to minimum wage.

Hints and Tips section:

The main thing that has come out of this hints section is that you need to be careful when looking for an internship. Be claer on what you want the internship for and what you are going to get out of it. Find out as much info as you can about the industry position you want to get.



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